Online Workshop - Use Google Maps App to Enable Geographic Data Visualization

View this Google Maps workshop replay to get a step by step tutorial on how to enhance BIRT content with embedded Google Maps visualizations. Learn how to quickly and easily add Google Maps to your BIRT reports to visually represent your geospatial data. This replay will also demonstrate how embedded Google Maps can benefit from interactivity when uploaded to BIRT OnDemand, where users can filter and conditionally highlight points on maps based on data within your report. Login or sign up today to view the replay.

In this workshop replay learn how to:

  • Present BIRT-based content with location analysis with fully dynamic maps
  • Integrate your data to Live Google Maps with no coding
  • Display color shaded areas of varying densities, as well as standard pins on the maps
  • Interact, filter and highlight points on the maps based on your data


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